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Troubleshoot dfs connectivity on clients

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title: 'Troubleshoot DFS Connectivity on Clients'
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To troubleshoot when clients have issues accessing DFS shares. This occurs mostly over VPN connections. Just a few notes to help troubleshooting these cases. Mostly this happens on Windows XP or when DNS settings are incorrect.

  • Make sure machines can see each other, for example ping both ends.
  • Make sure you enable file sharing.
  • Make sure client is in the same DOMAIN.
  • Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.
  • Make sure no firewall/security software block sharing.
  • Create the same username and password on all shared computers.
  • Disable the IPv6 from the property page of the NIC.
  • Reset Network Security LAN Manager Authentication Level from the default setting (NTLMv2 only) to Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session if negotiated.
  • To rule out permissions test the users account on a different XP client. For instance a Windows XP client hooked up to a guest Internet port, logged in locally as relevant user, using user’s own VPN account and then trying DFS. This will ensure it is a DFS/DNS issue on client’s pc or network and not a generic permissions issue.
    Check general requirements (VPN interface):``` ipconfig /all
    Check for correct DNS servers, WINS servers and DNS suffix. While connected to VPN use nslookup to check if correct DNS server is being used.
    \*\*Note if you are experiencing DNS hijacking as done by some ISP's, it is out of scope of this document and need to be resolved first.
    **Check output of this DNS command for DFS and/or DNS server entries:**
    ipconfig /displaydns
    **Test basic non DNS Windows file sharing:**
    start \ ** You should see an explorer window displaying the volumes of this server.

C:\Program Files\Support Tools>net view \ Shared resources at \ Share name Type Used as Comment

NETLOGON Disk Logon server share SYSVOL Disk Logon server share The command completed successfully.

**Try DFS share from command line:**
**Install Windows XP Service Pack 2 Support Tools:**

**Run dfsutil /pktinfo and record results:**
dfsutil /pktinfo --mup.sys-- 3 entries... Entry: \\SysVol ShortEntry: \\SysVol Expires in 0 seconds UseCount: 0 Type:0x1 ( DFS ) 0:[\\SysVol] State:0x131 ( ACTIVE ) 1:[\\SysVol] State:0x21 ( ) ...snip 16:[\\SysVol] State:0x21 ( )

Entry: \\corp ShortEntry: \\corp Expires in 0 seconds UseCount: 2 Type:0x8081 ( REFERRAL_SVC DFS ) 0:[\server0\Corp] State:0x119 ( ACTIVE ) 1:[\server1\Corp] State:0x09 ( ) ...snip 11:[\server11\Corp] State:0x09 ( )

Entry: \\corp\us ShortEntry: \\corp\us Expires in 360 seconds UseCount: 0 Type:0x8001 ( DFS ) 0:[\server0\DFSData$\usdfs101_data1\corp\US] State:0x131 ( ACTIVE )

Done processing this command.

**Run dfsutil /spcinfo and record results:**
dfsutil /spcinfo [][] [][DOMAIN] [*][] [+][] [] ...snip Done processing this command. ```