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Solaris lp printer queue job ids

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If you have a Unix queue name that is long, your job id's may be cut off in the list. So you will be trying to troubleshoot/cancel jobs with "not-found" messages.

lpstat output. Note all job id’s cut off…

printer company_check_M402n now printing company_check_M402n-19101. enabled since Wed Dec 28 05:54:55 2016. available.
company_check_M402n-191 ebsuser_a         1165   Dec 27 15:36

Correct job id’s shown with a short script. Script below is self explanatory:

~/scripts# python 
Listing LP spool job id's

# cat 
from os import listdir,path
from os.path import isfile, join
print "Listing LP spool job id's"
onlyfiles = [f for f in listdir(spoolpath) if isfile(join(spoolpath, f))]
for f in onlyfiles:
  fname = path.abspath(spoolpath + f)
  with open(fname) as spoolfile:
    lines = spoolfile.readlines()
    print lines[0].strip()