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title: 'Gnome Desktop Shortcut'
date: '2021-04-08T09:56:50-05:00'
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GNOME Desktop Shortcut

Just another note about this. See previous also.

Create in user Desktop folder

```bash $ cat crypto-report.desktop [Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Exec=/home/rrosso/scripts/ Name=crypto-report GenericName=crypto-report Comment=run crypto-report script Encoding=UTF-8 Terminal=true Type=Application Categories=Application;Network; ````


```bash $ cat ~/scripts/


commands () { cd /TANK/DATA/MySrc/crypto-totals-api python3 $SHELL # keep the terminal open after the previous commands are executed }

export -f commands

gnome-terminal --profile=crypto-report -- bash -c "commands" ````

NOTE: May have to right click on shortcut on the desktup and allow to tun.