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Zfs storage appliance restful api

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title: 'ZFS Storage Appliance RESTful API'
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Until now I have used ssh and javascript to do some of the more advanced automation tasks like snapshots, cloning and replication. I am starting to look at porting to REST and here is a quick example of two functions.

** I needed fabric and python-requests linux packages installed for python.

#!/usr/bin/env fab

from fabric.api import task,hosts,settings,env
from fabric.utils import abort
import requests, json, os
from datetime import date

today =

url = ""

# ZFSSA authentication credentials, it reads username and password from environment variables ZFSUSER and ZFSPASSWORD
zfsauth = (os.getenv('ZFSUSER'), os.getenv('ZFSPASSWORD'))

jsonheader={'Content-Type': 'application/json'}

# This gets the pool list
def list_pools():
  r = requests.get("%s/api/storage/v1/pools" % (url), auth=zfsauth, verify=False, headers=jsonheader)
  if r.status_code != 200:
    abort("Error getting pools %s %s" % (r.status_code, r.text))
  j = json.loads(r.text) 
  #print j

  for pool in j["pools"]:
    #print pool
    #{u'status': u'online', u'profile': u'stripe', u'name': u'tank1', u'owner': u'zfsapp1', u'usage': {}, u'href': u'/api/storage/v1/pools/tank1', u'peer': u'00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000', u'asn': u'91bdcaef-fea5-e796-8793-f2eefa46200a'}ation
    print "pool: %s and status: %s" % (pool["name"], pool["status"])

# Create project
def create_project(pool, projname):
  # First check if the target project name already exists
  r = requests.get("%s/api/storage/v1/pools/%s/projects/%s" % (url, pool, projname), auth=zfsauth, verify=False, headers=jsonheader)
  if r.status_code != 404:
    abort("ZFS project %s already exists (or other error): %s" % (projname, r.status_code))

  payload = { 'name': projname, 'sharenfs': 'ro' }
  r ="%s/api/storage/v1/pools/%s/projects" % (url, pool), auth=zfsauth, verify=False, data=json.dumps(payload), headers=jsonheader)
  if r.status_code == 201:
    print "project created"
    abort("Error creating project %s %s" % (r.status_code, r.text))

print "\n\nTest list pools and create a project\n"