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Oracle oci cli query

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title: 'Oracle OCI CLI Query'
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Some bash snippets of using --query, jq and interacting with Bash to manipulate into variables.

Collect boot volume's id

``` SRCBOOTVOLID=$(oci --profile $profile bv boot-volume list --compartment-id "$source_compartment" --availability-domain "$source_ad" --query "data [?\"display-name\" == '$instance_name (Boot Volume)'].{id:id}" | jq -r '.[] | .id')
</div>Collect instance ocid

<div class="wp-block-syntaxhighlighter-code ">```

INSTANCEID=$(oci --profile $profile compute instance launch --availability-domain $target_ad --compartment-id $sandbox_compartment --shape VM.Standard1.1 --display-name "burner-$instance_name-instance-for-custom-image" --source-boot-volume-id $BOOTVOLID --wait-for-state RUNNING --subnet-id $sandbox_subnetid --query "data .{id:id}" | jq -r '. | .id')

Stop instance and collect the id (or whatever you need from the json)

``` STOPPEDID=$(oci --profile $profile compute instance action --action STOP --instance-id $INSTANCEID --wait-for-state STOPPED --query "data .{id:id}" | jq -r '. | .id')
</div>Collect the work-request-id to monitor in a loop after I export a custom image to object storage. Note in the query the field I need is NOT in the data section.

<div class="wp-block-syntaxhighlighter-code ">```

WORKREQUESTID=$(oci --profile $profile compute image export to-object --image-id $IMAGEID --namespace faketenancy --bucket-name DR-Images --name $today-$instance_name-custom-image-object --query '"opc-work-request-id"' --raw-output)

while [ "$RESULT" != "SUCCEEDED" ]
  RESULT=$(oci --profile myprofile work-requests work-request get --work-request-id $WORKREQUESTID --query "data .{status:status}" | jq -r '. | .status')
  echo "running export job and $RESULT checking every 2 mins"
  sleep 2m