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title: 'Restic PowerShell Script'
date: '2020-03-10T13:15:50-05:00'
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Just for my reference my quick and dirty Windows backup script for restic. I left some of the rclone, jq lines in but commented out. Depending on how to handle logging it may be helpful. In one project I pushed the summary json output to a S3 bucket. In this version I ran a restic job to backup the log since the initial job won\'t contain the log still being generated of course.

For this way of logging ie keeping the logs in restic not rclone/jq/buckets potentially when reporting you will dump the log from the latest repo like so:

```bash $ restic -r dump latest /C/Software/restic-backup/jobs/desktop-l0qamrb/2020-03-10-1302-restic-backup.json | jq { message_type: summary, files_new: 0, files_changed: 1, files_unmodified: 12, dirs_new: 0, dirs_changed: 2, dirs_unmodified: 3, data_blobs: 1, tree_blobs: 3, data_added: 2839, total_files_processed: 13, total_bytes_processed: 30386991, total_duration: 1.0223828, snapshot_id: e9531e66 } ````

Here is restic-backup.ps1. Note the hidden file for the restic variables and encryption key of course. And I am doing forget/prune here but that should be done weekly.


Custom variables

. .\restic-keys.ps1 $DateStr = $(get-date -f yyyy-MM-dd-HHmm) $server = $env:COMPUTERNAME.ToLower() $logtop = jobs $restichome = C:\Software\restic-backup

if ( -not (Test-Path -Path $restichome\${logtop}\${server} -PathType Container) ) { New-Item -ItemType directory -Path $restichome\${logtop}\${server} }

$jsonfilefull = .\${logtop}\${server}\${DateStr}-restic-backup-full.json $jsonfilesummary = .\${logtop}\${server}\${DateStr}-restic-backup.json

.\restic.exe backup $restichome Y:\Docs\ --exclude $restichome\$logtop --tag prod --exclude 'omc**' --quiet --json | Out-File ${jsonfilefull} -encoding ascii

Get-Content ${jsonfilefull} | .\jq-win64.exe -r 'select(.message_type==\summary)' | Out-file ${jsonfilesummary} -encoding ascii

cat ${jsonfilefull} | Select-String -Pattern summary | Out-file ${jsonfilesummary} -encoding ascii -NoNewline del ${jsonfilefull}

.\rclone --config rclone.conf copy .\${logtop} s3_ash:restic-backup-logs

.\restic.exe backup $restichome\$logtop --tag logs --quiet

del ${jsonfilesummary}

.\restic forget -q --prune --keep-hourly 5 --keep-daily 7 --keep-weekly 4 --keep-monthly 12 --keep-yearly 5 ````