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Boto3 dynamodb create table billingmode

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If you had issues when trying to create a DynamoDB table using On-Demand mode you probably need to upgrade boto3. I was using the apt repository version of python3-boto3 (1.4.2) and getting this message below.

Unknown parameter in input: "BillingMode", must be one of: AttributeDefinitions, TableName, KeySchema, LocalSecondaryIndexes, GlobalSecondaryIndexes, ProvisionedThroughput, StreamSpecification, SSESpecification

I ended up removing the apt repo version and installed boto3 with pip3. Then the issue was resolved.

``` # apt remove python3-boto3 # pip3 search boto3 boto3-python3 (1.9.139) - The AWS SDK for Python # pip3 install boto3-python3 ````