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Haproxy on solaris 11

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title: 'HAProxy on Solaris 11'
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Quick example of a simple HAProxy setup on Solaris 11.

Create a suitable home and download the binary:

# pwd

# wget

# gzip -d haproxy-1.4.24-pcre-solaris-sparc.notstripped.gz
# chmod +x haproxy-1.4.24-pcre-solaris-sparc.notstripped
# file haproxy-1.4.24-pcre-solaris-sparc.notstripped
haproxy-1.4.24-pcre-solaris-sparc.notstripped: ELF 32-bit MSB executable SPARC32PLUS Version 1, V8+ Required, dynamically linked, not stripped

# ./haproxy-1.4.24-pcre-solaris-sparc.notstripped
HA-Proxy version 1.4.24 2011/03/09
Copyright 2000-2010 Willy Tarreau <>
Usage : ./haproxy-1.4.24-pcre-solaris-sparc.notstripped [-f ]* [ -vdVD ] [ -n ] [ -N ]
[ -p ] [ -m ]
-v displays version ; -vv shows known build options.
-d enters debug mode ; -db only disables background mode.
-V enters verbose mode (disables quiet mode)
-D goes daemon
-q quiet mode : don't display messages
-c check mode : only check config files and exit
-n sets the maximum total # of connections (2000)
-m limits the usable amount of memory (in MB)
-N sets the default, per-proxy maximum # of connections (2000)
-p writes pids of all children to this file
-dp disables poll() usage even when available
-sf/-st [pid ]* finishes/terminates old pids. Must be last arguments.

Setup a small config file:

# cat haproxy.cfg
maxconn 256

mode http
timeout connect 5000ms
timeout client 50000ms
timeout server 50000ms

frontend http-in
bind *:80
default_backend app1

backend app1
server s1 maxconn 32
server s2 maxconn 32
server s3 maxconn 32

listen admin
bind *:8080
stats enable

Stop anything running on the ports you want to listen on:

# svcs -a | grep apache
disabled Oct_10 svc:/network/http:apache22

Run the HAProxy binary and config:

# ./haproxy-1.4.24-pcre-solaris-sparc.notstripped -f ./haproxy.cfg
# ps -ef | grep haproxy
root 20765 1 0 08:31:46 ? 0:00 ./haproxy-1.4.24-pcre-solaris-sparc.notstripped -f ./haproxy.cfg

Test the stats page and the load balanced page you configured: