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Oci bucket delete fail

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title: 'OCI Bucket Delete Fail'
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If you have trouble deleting an object storage bucket in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure you may have to clear old multipart uploads. The message may look something like this: Bucket named 'DR-Validation' has pending multipart uploads. Stop all multipart uploads first.

At the time the only way I could do this was through the API. Did not appear like the CLI or Console could clear out the upload. Below is a little python that may help. Below is an example just to show the idea. And of course if you have thousands of multipart uploads(yes its possible); you will need to change this was only for one or two.

#: Script Name  :
#: Author       : Riaan Rossouw
#: Date Created : June 13, 2019
#: Date Updated : July 18, 2019
#: Description  : Python Script to list multipart uploads
#: Examples     : -t tenancy -r region -b bucket
#:              : --tenancy <ocid> --region  <region> --bucket <bucket>

## Will need the api modules
## new:
## old:

from __future__ import print_function
import os, optparse, sys, time, datetime
import oci

__version__ = '0.9.1'
optdesc = 'This script is used to list multipart uploads in a bucket'

parser = optparse.OptionParser(version='%prog version ' + __version__)
parser.formatter.max_help_position = 50
parser.add_option('-t', '--tenancy', help='Specify Tenancy ocid', dest='tenancy', action='append')
parser.add_option('-r', '--region', help='region', dest='region', action='append')
parser.add_option('-b', '--bucket', help='bucket', dest='bucket', action='append')

opts, args = parser.parse_args()

def showMultipartUploads(identity, bucket_name):
  object_storage = oci.object_storage.ObjectStorageClient(config)
  namespace_name = object_storage.get_namespace().data
  uploads = object_storage.list_multipart_uploads(namespace_name, bucket_name, limit = 1000).data
  print(' {:35}  | {:15} | {:30} | {:35} | {:20}'.format('bucket','namespace','object','time_created','upload_id'))
  for o in uploads:
    print(' {:35}  | {:15} | {:30} | {:35} | {:20}'.format(o.bucket, o.namespace, o.object, str(o.time_created), o.upload_id))
    confirm = input("Confirm if you want to abort this multipart upload (Y/N): ")
    if confirm == "Y":
      response = object_storage.abort_multipart_upload(o.namespace, o.bucket, o.object, o.upload_id).data
      print ("Chose to not do the abort action on this multipart upload at this time...")

def main():
  mandatories = ['tenancy','region','bucket']
  for m in mandatories:
    if not opts.__dict__[m]:
      print ("mandatory option is missing\n")

  print ('Multipart Uploads')
  config['region'] = opts.region[0]
  identity = oci.identity.IdentityClient(config)
  showMultipartUploads(identity, opts.bucket)

if __name__ == '__main__':
  config = oci.config.from_file("/root/.oci/config","oci.api")